Durand Line The line dividing Pakistan and Afghanistan drawn in 1896 by Sir Mortimer Durand.
Hindenburg Line The line of strong fortification built by German Army near the Franco Belgium border.
McMohan Line An imaginary line between India & Tibet drawn by Sir Henry McMohan as a line of demarcation between the two countries. The Chinese do not recognise it as International boundary.
Mannerheim Line A line of fortification between Russia & Finaland drawn by Gen. Mannerhiem.
Maginot Line A line of fortification erected by France on her eastern border in order to defend herself against German attack.
Order Neisse Line A boundary line between East Germany and Poland drawn after the second world war.
38th Parallel The line of demarcation between North & South Korea.
24th Parallel The lattitude line which Pakistan claimed should be the line of demarcation between Pakistan and India in Kutch. India does not recognise this claim.
Radcliffe Line The line of demarcation between India and Pakistan in the west drawn by Sir Cyril Radcliffe, Chairman of the Boundaries Commission for India & Pakistan at the time of Pakistan.